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  • Beta Testing Android 13 on My Pixel 6 Pro

    I downloaded Android 13 Beta last night (May 11, 2022) on my Pixel 6 Pro and did some quick testing. So far…… Sudoku from Brainium failed completely (I emailed them), and Xfinity Stream got as far as clicking “Watch” then failed (I let them know as well). Everything else I tested (not all the apps […]

  • Using the Latest Version of Instagram

    OK, I knew this was coming and now that it is here, I spent yesterday (4/20/2022) and today getting used to it….then, just because I could, I made a major change to my Instagram. Backstory I am an INFJ (see this link) introvert, and as such, social media can become WAY too NOISY for me […]

  • Sony A8G 4k TV Randomly Losing WiFi Connection

    Originally posted on ForCarol.org This past month, or two, our Sony A8G TV randomly started losing WiFi connectivity. I think it may be the recent updates, but, I have no way of proving that.. When this happens while watching a movie……it SUCKS, as I have to reboot the TV (that is power it off AND […]

  • Replacing our Old DE Pool Filter with a New Cartridge Filter

    UPDATE 4/16/2022: The filter cartridge that came with the new Hayward filter lasted only 8 months (with anal care every month)! We bought a Pleatco filter from Leslie’s. So far so good. We will see how long THAT lasts. Back in the day, our DE filter was the very best! It kept our pool sparkling […]

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