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  • Using the Latest Version of Instagram

    Using the Latest Version of Instagram

    OK, I knew this was coming and now that it is here, I spent yesterday (4/20/2022) and today getting used to it….then, just because I could, I made a major change to my Instagram. Chasing a WordPress editing button issue Edited from my old windows computer and using an old version of chrome. It works! […]

  • Memolane: An Introduction

    Jonathan Yankovitch posted an email on the Coworking group with a link to Memolane. I clicked on the link and……saw something REALLY cool! If you have been reading my blogs, you pretty much know that I consider Twitter and Facebook as too temporary.  You post something, and somewhere between 5 seconds to a day later, […]

  • Twitter, Facebook, Blog

    Been thinking. Yeah, I know that is dangerous. But, hey, I enjoy it (being dangerous, of course).  😉 Blog About 5 or 6 years ago (I think) I heard about this relatively new way to put your thoughts out for the world to see.  The Blog.  In a previous life, my thoughts ended up in a magazine […]

  • HootSuite Review: A Quick Look

    Rating: 4 WaterTowers (Cool Twitter app) Do you Tweet?  If so, you may want to try HootSuite 2.0….I think you will like it.  I have been using HootSuite for a few days now and I am hooked, hmmmm..well, I’m getting there. HootSuite does almost everything I need it to do, and it does some stuff […]