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  • New Video Conferencing Vendors, Products, Services and Applications Series

    OK, here we go. I have started work on a new series of blog posts introducing various videoconferencing vendors and their products, services, applications and philosophy  (Thanks, Dave!  Gotta love Coworking!). I hope to be able to introduce my loyal reader of this blog (yeah you!  :-)) to the various options you may have for […]

  • BlueJeans Network: Cloud Video Conferencing

    UPDATED: 5/25/2020 Ah yes, I remember it well.  I remember the day when I had to order an ISDN line at home (remember 2B+D?) to attend a videoconference from home (hey…I practice not just preach telecommuting!). Then, what seems like a short time later (and after ATM and Token Ring fell by the wayside…) we […]

  • Vidyo on the Apple iPad2

    Damn this is great!   Friend Czoli from Vidyo shared this on Google+ today. I have said this a thousand times before: Video conferencing anytime, anyplace, anyone. Vidyo (see my getting old review of Vidyo here). — —

  • Facebook Skype Video Chat

    Well, it seems that Facebook now offers point-to-point video chatting from within Facebook. Good for them!  BUT…point-to-point is kinda useless…just saying.  I have more than one friend I like to chat with, and all the Bay Shore Kids could have a reunion. Overall Opinion  HoHum, but, at least video conferencing is now reaching the masses. […]

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