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  • Vidyo’s 1440p Videoconferencing Capability

    Say good-bye to 1080p videoconferencing (gee, we hardly knew you). Welcome the new resolution champ: 1440p.  Yup, 1440p which gives you up to 2560 x 1440 pixels instead of the measly 1080p which is only (how funny….I said only) 1920 x 1080 pixels. And you can play a soccer game while having this meeting since […]

  • Anybots Robotic Videoconferencing

    I wrote a blog entry a couple of years ago on a robot that could do videoconferencing.  See this link.  I never heard anything more… Here is newer product (Anybots) that is, I believe, getting close to release. Just thought you might like it…..I still think the idea is cool. Imagine a child sick at […]

  • Lifesize Video Center at Interop Vegas 2010

      UPDATE:  Read my latest (Sept 2011) Overview of LifeSize products / services here. I’ve been sitting here at AltamontCowork dreaming about the good old days of TeleCon and other conferences, including Interop. Lucky for me, I can be at this years Interop Vegas 2010 without leaving my comfy chair, thanks to Lifesize Video Center. […]