Vidyo Interview – Dr. Alex Eleftheriadis

When I started blogging, I just wanted to help people understand video conferencing and other cool technology.  Along the way, I have had the opportunity to meet some great people and see some great technology. A few days ago, I (little old me, unknown blogger) was asked if I wanted to interview Dr. Alex Eleftheriadis (Vidyo Co-Founder and Chief Scientist) before he embarks on a … Continue reading Vidyo Interview – Dr. Alex Eleftheriadis

Mirial Videoconferencing on Android

See what happens when I pick my head up and look around….the whole world changed while I was distracted with the unfortunate events that lead to my development of See the video at the top showing how to make a call using Mirial (another REAL video conferencing company….sorry, I’m a snob that way!) and a Samsung Epic 4G. Mirial rocks too!  This is FREAKIN AWESOME! I … Continue reading Mirial Videoconferencing on Android

Polycom Videoconferencing on Android

Saw a tweet yesterday that announced that Polycom will be building a standards-based Unified Communications (UC) videoconferencing app on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Here is the link to the Press Release. Here is the official spiel from that press release: “Polycom’s differentiated strategy is to deliver innovative UC solutions on partners’ mobile platforms, as opposed to creating proprietary systems,” said Sudhakar Ramakrishna, Polycom’s general manager … Continue reading Polycom Videoconferencing on Android

Skype Video Review

Updated: 3/31/2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. Stay Safe! Social Distancing Works. It took me awhile to get to Skype.  Not sure why, but, I’m glad I finally tested it. The Verdict: I will use Skype as my main videoconferencing connection in the TracyVirtualOffice (now AltamontCowork).  I still have the Polycom PVX as the standards-based H.323 connection, but, I am using it less and less and….hmmmm, … Continue reading Skype Video Review

Holographic Videoconferencing Getting Closer

I was drifting through the Internet today looking for something interesting. I found it! Many years ago I was working for a true visionary at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.  He told the young me one day that there will someday be a way to hold holographic videoconferences right there in the conference room.  I guess I believed him because I have built my career, and now, retirement … Continue reading Holographic Videoconferencing Getting Closer

ooVoo for Video Communication

During the move back to, I lost a few postings that are part of my history as a blogger.  I recovered this from an old abandoned Blogger account…gotta love the Internet. This is “ancient” but still fun to read.  I’ll grab more and post them here. So, the history lesson will continue for a few posts…oh yeah…I am no longer YeOldeTechy.  I am getting … Continue reading ooVoo for Video Communication