DotXXX URL’s Coming Soon

Sorry 'bout that.  Just reporting the news on the technical front.  And, hey, like we are all innocent here...duh.  🙂 The Washington Post reports that yesterday the Internet naming authority has approved the use of the .xxx suffix. "On Friday in San Francisco, the California nonprofit that oversees Internet addresses gave the green light to … Continue reading DotXXX URL’s Coming Soon

AT&T To Cap DSL Usage

` I was surfing this morning and came across this bit of disturbing news from the good folks at Mashable (and also at Broadband DSL Reports). AT&T will cap DSL users to 150GB (I assume Bytes...not bits) and Uverse users to 250GB per month.  If you go over that cap more than 3 times you … Continue reading AT&T To Cap DSL Usage

VGo Robotic Video Conferencing

  Here is another robotic video conferencing device.  VGo. In the video they call it: "Robotic Telepresence" errrr, interesting.  Gotta love those Marketing folks...gettin' the buzz words down.  🙂 I will try to get the VGo at AltamontCowork to test (the others (Giraffe, and AnyBots, have failed to remain in touch or get me a … Continue reading VGo Robotic Video Conferencing

Future of Video Conferencing from Corning

Got this Youtube link in an email this morning....although it is a Corning glass "infomercial" it shows us (at least partly) how video conferencing might evolve in the near future...using glass. VERY COOL. We already have videoconferencing on mobile smartphones, and on large walls in conference rooms, so the vision put forth by Corning, although … Continue reading Future of Video Conferencing from Corning

Vidyo Integrates with Microsoft Lync

Facebook friend Ckristian Zoli (he works for Vidyo) posted this announcement on Facebook this morning. Not being in the corporate world anymore, I had never heard of Microsoft funny.  (Gee, I feel so left out.....NOT!  🙂 I grabbed this from Microsoft: Microsoft Lync 2010 is truly a unified communication client with instant messaging, meetings, and … Continue reading Vidyo Integrates with Microsoft Lync