Facebook Video Chat

I tried video chat (video conference) via Facebook about a year ago...it sucked. Now...the good folks at PCMag.com tell me that the co-founder of RealNetworks, Rob Glaser, has developed a new Facebook video chat (video call) application called "SocialEyes". Very clever name. But it remains to be seen how well it works....you know me...Mr. Skeptical. … Continue reading Facebook Video Chat

Motorola XOOM

Looks like this new tablet from Motorola may cut into the sales of the iPad. Can you hear me know?   Kinda late....but, maybe better late than never applies. It uses the Android 3.0 operating system. I hear it comes with two cameras, one front facing for video chats (video conferencing) and taking pictures of … Continue reading Motorola XOOM

Old Days

It's Valentines Day, and I am sitting at AltamontCowork just thinking about how technology has changed my life.  MY technology, since I am an engineer (MSEE, University of Kansas) who spent most of his life advancing (or trying to advance) technology....in particular video conferencing and collaboration from a distance. Truthfully....I am not really sure if … Continue reading Old Days

PCMag Compares Skype and Facetime Video Conferencing

I ran across this this morning (see YouTube video). A very cool comparison by the very knowledgeable techy's at PCMag.com showing the video call quality between Skype and Facetime. The test was completed via WiFi since Facetime is limited to that transport mechanism. My Opinions My issue with Facetime is it's limited call-ability....it works fine between other iPhones, … Continue reading PCMag Compares Skype and Facetime Video Conferencing