Video Conferencing in 2011

Technology is moving at light speed, but, culture change takes time. For some technologies the time is almost here for mass adoption.  For example, 2011 may, finally, be the year video conferencing (read on for my theory on why) will reach mass adoption.  Time will tell.... 2010 Technology Change 2010 was an amazing technology year. … Continue reading Video Conferencing in 2011

VeaMea Videoconferencing Review

Rating:  4 WaterTowers (relatively unknown but very capable & feature rich) I got a call one day from Jeff Urdan ( when I was particularly stressed out (see, if you don't already know why).  He asked if I had heard of "VeaMea".  Hmmmm, errrr, no, I had not.  Then he asked if I wanted to … Continue reading VeaMea Videoconferencing Review

Polycom Videoconferencing on Android

Saw a tweet yesterday that announced that Polycom will be building a standards-based Unified Communications (UC) videoconferencing app on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Here is the link to the Press Release. Here is the official spiel from that press release: "Polycom's differentiated strategy is to deliver innovative UC solutions on partners' mobile platforms, as opposed … Continue reading Polycom Videoconferencing on Android