Cisco Umi Videoconferencing

I was breezing the Internet today and found this article from Engadget announcing the arrival of a new consumer based videoconferencing system from Cisco.  Umi is pronounced with the the U long…you me. Interesting. I’ve been saying for years the marriage of HDTV and videoconferencing was inevitable, and now, here it is. I will look [...]

“The Big Bang Theory” Videoconferencing

If you watched the “The Big Bang Theory” last night you saw a really cool application for videoconferencing.  Do a search on “HeadThere Giraffe” (I’m serious) in this blog to see a very similar (and nicer) implementation (I copied the picture above). I was watching the show but was called away (by Lori!) to do [...]

Skype Multipoint Video Chat

When I tested Skype about a year ago, I lamented the fact that it was only point-to-point.  Well, as I had my attention turned to AltamontCowork (and surviving)…… this past May Skype apparently introduced 5 way videoconferencing (video chat), and today, they doubled that to 10 way (in Beta, see the announcement here) Soooo, Skype [...]