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  • Remote Working at Starbucks by Raley’s in Tracy, CA

    Remote Working at Starbucks by Raley’s in Tracy, CA

    I have been using the Starbucks by Raley’s for meetings since selling AltamontCowork.  Since I am familiar with that location, I chose it to be the first of many in this new series researching remote work locations in Tracy, CA. Note:  My original blog researching WiFi “hotspots” was way back in 2007.  WiFi was new […]

  • Reviewing Remote Work Locations (in Tracy, CA)

    Reviewing Remote Work Locations (in Tracy, CA)

    In August 2007 (several lifetimes ago in the technology world), I went around to three locations in Tracy, CA to see how the new fangled WiFi hot spots worked, and, if they also worked with videoconferencing.  The experiment went rather well.  Fast forward 7.5 years to 2015 and videoconferencing is ubiquitous, there are remote workers EVERYWHERE, and […]

  • Radvision Scopia Mobile Video Conferencing

    How in the world did this escape me?  Here is some info on the Radvision Scopia Mobile app for iPhone and iPad. Those of you who know me, know that my dealings with Radvision go W-A-Y back .  As we were developing the ESnet H.323 architecture (starting in 1999), Radvision was there with us.  Eventually, […]

  • Are all Wi-Fi Hot Spots Created Equal?

    August 2007   The signs of the times! It is apparent that the popularity of “Wi-Fi Hot Spots” is increasing. Although Wi-Fi hot spots never really struck me as something interesting (I turn into TracyReaderDad after working hours), one day I got to wondering just what all the fuss is about. Soooo… Being free, and […]