Coworking vs A Private Office with Doors

What is the first thing you do when you start a small business?

Among other things…….you look for an office.


Private Office

Your vision of this really cool office with windows, a sweet desk, telephone, computer, Internet access, and your own coffee is almost a reality.

You can’t wait to get started.

The day arrives, and you move into your new $600 per month, 10 x 10, office, signed a year long contract, and paid your upfront fees.  You bought a cool desk, ordered Internet service, bought a coffee maker, and ordered a telephone line.  Damn…all that stuff is expensive…oh well…you are going to be rich.

Ready, and anxious, to start work…you close your office door and…..hmmmmm, you are alone.

Now what?

Where do you go for help advertising your business?  Where do you go for help with your computer?  Spelling?  Marketing?  Where do you meet other small business owners?



You take a chance and rent desk space at your closest coworking location.

Internet service is provided, coffee is free, and your desk is adequate, but free. The rent is less than half the rent of that private office, but, it is month-by-month with no up front fees.

Ready and anxious to start work… plop your computer on your desk, enter the WiFi access code and….

“Hey, Paul…..can you help me get my computer working?”  Sure….

“Jane….how do I advertise on Facebook?”  Here is how you do that…..

“Dave…how do spell….. private offices suck?”  P-r-i-v-……..

“Let’s all go to lunch!  Who’s in?”

Help with your small business is within your doors.:  Coworking members help each other thrive.

For those who are not sure about the value of coworking sign up for one month and if you don’t like it….go behind your door, all by yourself.

Chances are, though, you will like it and benefit greatly by the community spirit coworking provides.

One coworking location has the best slogan:

“Work for yourself, not by yourself. “

They hit it perfectly!

febe and jen

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