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  • Tips for Starting a Small Business

    Tips for Starting a Small Business

    At AltamontCowork over the past 5 years, I have seen all sorts of small business owners / wannabes come and go.  Some have succeeded, most have not.  Here are a few tips for the serious small business start-up: Follow your PASSION. In a GOOD economy it takes 2 to 3 years to build your business. […]

  • Coworking and Google Voice

      Most very small businesses (micro-business) or start-ups cannot afford to buy a land line for telephone service.  Not only that, most people (is that an understatement?) already have cell phones.  The need for land lines is rapidly going away, at least for the micro-businesses consisting of just yourself. Keep up with the times!  😉 […]

  • SF Bay Area Commuters: Time to Telecommute / Telework

    SF Bay Area Commuters: Time to Telecommute / Telework

    This is 2012…. There are any number of jobs that can use any number of remote access technologies (from ubiquitous high-speed Internet access to document application sharing to video conferencing to IP voice to plain old email…and everything in between) that allow employees to TELECOMMUTE / TELEWORK effectively, efficiently, and productively…….from virtually anywhere. Why is it […]