Coronavirus and Telecommuting

I’ve resisted posting about this but, it needs to be said:

This is 2020, and if you are not yet telecommuting for all the benefits of productivity, work-life balance, time, money saved.

You NEED to start NOW! For your safety as well as the safety of others.

And when the coronavirus threat has passed….keep telecommuting for the other benefits. Telecommuting is NOT A PERK! It is essential for both both businesses and the employees in this crazy world of 2020.

How Do you Start Telecommuting?

Read my article on: “Free Advice on How to Start a Telecommuting / Telework Program”

Summary: Do it….it’s easy, and now, with coronavirus….it’s essential!

What is telecommuting?

See this series of articles I wrote several years ago.

Summary: Work from home is NOT a PERK. It is essential and good for everyone.

“Telecommuting: Crossing the Threshold to Work, Part, 1”

“Telecommuting: Crossing the Threshold to Work, Part, 2”

“Telecommuting: Crossing the Threshold to Work, Part, 3”

“Telecommuting: Crossing the Threshold to Work, Part, 4”

Here are ALL my articles on Telecommuting

Drive Safe! Wash your hands, videoconference, and telecommute!

Geek on!


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