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  • Google Duo Supports Multipoint Conferencing

    Google Duo Supports Multipoint Conferencing

    I’ve used Google Duo to connect one-on- one in the recent past and it worked great. I saw a news article today that said Google Duo now supports up to 12 people on a videoconference. Not sure if that is accurate (FYI….in the past the statement 12 people on a videoconferencing could mean 2 with…

  • “Temi: The Personal Robot”

    “Temi: The Personal Robot”

    Did a search for robotic videoconferencing this morning and popped up! Ignoring that guy, I moved on and found a link to the “Temi Personal Robot”.

  • Desktop Videoconferencing: History and Future

    Desktop Videoconferencing: History and Future

    UPDATE April 12, 2020: The stay at home orders during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic prove the worth of videoconferencing for staying connected with loved ones and for telecommuting. I gave my last presentation on videoconferencing in 2009.  Here are the slides. I remember when I talked about “mobile videoconferencing” in the last 2 slides, that…

  • Vidyo and Stampede Introduce Drone Based Video Conferencing

    Vidyo and Stampede Introduce Drone Based Video Conferencing

    OK, this video is COOL!   I was the Chief Technical Office for the TeleCon conference many years ago….these videos gave me MAJOR nostalgia.  Makes me want to get back in there and do it!  🙂 —- — Here is the Press Release: Stampede and Vidyo Introduce Drone Based Video Conferencing Solution at InfoComm 2015…