Disney+ was Introduced and Today the World Changed

Disney+ streaming was long expected and, as luck may have it, when it finally arrived on November 12, 2019, there were technical issues getting logged in and streaming video. But, hey, issues are to be expected in the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Since I could not help fix the issues…..I simply waited a few hours, then……. I downloaded the Disney+ app … Continue reading Disney+ was Introduced and Today the World Changed

Using Chromecast

A year or two ago, I started seeing information on Google’s new streaming video device: Chromecast.  The information I initially gathered was sketchy, but, as I studied it, I began to understand some of it’s capabilities. Sufficiently intrigued, I asked Santa for a Chromecast for Christmas 2014, and guess what?  I got it!   UPDATE October 2015:  We use Chromecast all the time!  🙂 What … Continue reading Using Chromecast

VUDU Now Streaming on the iPad

++Originally posted on ForCarol.com++ If you have read our Movie Reviews on this blog, you may have run across the fact that we sometimes watch movies on “VUDU”.  As an engineer, and blogger, several years ago, I tested a new Internet-based streaming technology and LOVED IT!  That was VUDU (see my original blog post raving about it). We own a VUDU box and it is … Continue reading VUDU Now Streaming on the iPad

Information Technology

The world is changing. Rapidly. Bits are flying over the Internet at an unprecedented pace. As my loyal reader…..you know my feelings about Cisco and video conferencing, but, it looks to me as though they are getting back to focusing on handling bits….a very good thing.  For everyone! This commercial by Cisco is interesting.  I LOVE the part where they say that you do not … Continue reading Information Technology

VUDU Adds Glee and Modern Family

 (Our VUDU) As my loyal reader….you know what I feel about VUDU (and here, and here).   Also see our movie reviews on ForCarol.com, a lot of what we watch is on VUDU. Now that VUDU is embedded in new TV’s, Blu-Ray players, etc., you no longer need the separate box that we have.  There is also the ability to connect to Facebook, Twitter, and … Continue reading VUDU Adds Glee and Modern Family