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Been thinking. Yeah, I know that is dangerous. But, hey, I enjoy it (being dangerous, of course).  😉 Blog About 5 or 6 years ago (I think) I heard about this relatively new way to put your thoughts out for the world to see.  The Blog.  In a previous life, my thoughts ended up in a magazine (DVC Magazine, TeleConference Magazine, New

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Video Conferencing in 2011

Technology is moving at light speed, but, culture change takes time. For some technologies the time is almost here for mass adoption.  For example, 2011 may, finally, be the year video conferencing (read on for my theory on why) will reach mass adoption.  Time will tell…. 2010 Technology Change 2010 was an amazing technology year. Technology change in 2010 happened

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Content Rules

I have lived through a lot of change, and it seems like change is happening now much more rapidly than in the past. To keep up with technology, you have to be fast on your feet  and willing to accept new ideas.  Most people, as they age, stop at a certain point….I’ve seen videoconferencing companies die because they refused to adapt to

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