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  • Using the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

    Using the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

    Gutenberg is the latest blog editor from WordPress. I have been using WordPress since Matt was probably the only employee, and I have stubbornly held onto the past by using the original, old familiar, editor until about 2 months ago. Focusing on again (hey, once a geek always a geek) I decided to take […]

  • Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 15

    Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 15

    Our nonprofit (, my book review blog,, and this blog need the assistance of Photoshop, almost on a daily basis.  BUT…..since I am now fully “retired”, we have to conserve as much as possible, and being on a fixed income (the blogs only cost me money), the $9.99 a month is not something I can […]

  • Taking a Break From Facebook: Creativity Returns

    Taking a Break From Facebook: Creativity Returns

    Being TechyMike, I always try to be on the leading edge (with a few noteable exceptions chronicled in this blog).  As such, I was eager to jump on Social Media when it started, and have been active ever since.  But, being TechyMike, also means I am, by nature, an introvert tending towards long hours of […]

  • Blogging Increases Views to Your Web Site

    Blogging Increases Views to Your Web Site

    I fired up TechyMike in April 2014 thinking ahead to the time when AltamontCowork might go away.  At that time, I just grabbed the domain name, set up a quick, free, web site / blog and pretty much ignored it. As the demise of AltamontCowork came closer to reality, I posted a few random […]