Google Cardboard Virtual Reality

Google Cardboard has been around for a year or two.  Until now, I followed the progress of Virtual Reality with great interest, but, had not yet played with VR of any kind, soooooo, I decided to give it a test drive! Not having a ton of money, I did a search for the Google Cardboard … Continue reading Google Cardboard Virtual Reality

Music: Google Play and iTunes

I realize that music CD's are going the way of the dodo bird.....BUT.....we still have a great CD collection, and Lori keeps buying CD's. As such, I have a TON of uploaded CD music on my Windows computer--in iTunes. But, I want to use Google Play as my cloud-based music storage location (I am Google-fied). … Continue reading Music: Google Play and iTunes

Our Land Line Telephone: End of an Era

On April 10, 2016 the unthinkable happened......we cancelled our land line telephone service.  209-836-2044 is now disconnected / out of service. Really quick history: Lori and I are both old time Bell Labs employees in Holmdel, NJ.  So land lines and telecommunications services are in our blood.... The passing of our beloved, battery operated via … Continue reading Our Land Line Telephone: End of an Era

Cloud Based Computing: Confessions of an Early Adopter

A few years ago (mainly because I was broke and could no longer afford high-priced PC centric programs like Word, Excel, etc) I decided to start moving my PC-centric "stuff" off of my computer and into the cloud (I happened to choose Google, but, the choice is yours where you end up. Click here to … Continue reading Cloud Based Computing: Confessions of an Early Adopter

GEEK Christmas Gifts 2015

This year I am hoping you will shop as much as possible using Amazon Smile.  Doing that will help us help with college scholarships and classroom supplies in Carol's memory. Happy GEEKmas 2015  -- Sony Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker For the GEEK music lover, this cube is cute (yes, that is a technical term😉 -- … Continue reading GEEK Christmas Gifts 2015

How Watching Movies Has Changed Over the Years

This is 2015 and the technology choices for us to watch movies is dizzying!  A bit of history.... I don't want to start too far back, but, in the past 30 or 40 years there has been a remarkable technological shift in the way we watch movies (and TV shows, etc). When I was a … Continue reading How Watching Movies Has Changed Over the Years