Digital TV Conversion Update

Talk about history!  Well I found this missing blog too….enjoy! +++ As you all know by now, the new date for the switch to digital TV is June 12, 2009. At that time, all old TV’s now using an antenna will lose their signal. To try to help, the Tracy VirtualOffice is offering free hands-on sessions for people who may need help connecting their converter … Continue reading Digital TV Conversion Update

Comcast Buys NBC

Interesting development this morning as Comcast purchased NBC Universal from General Electric. The technology mergers continue.  In recent weeks we have seen the marriages of Tandberg and Cisco, Logitech and Lifesize, and now Comcast and NBC.  Very interesting times… A NY Times article says: “Almost immediately, the transaction reshapes the nation’s entertainment industry, giving a cable provider a huge portfolio of new content, even as … Continue reading Comcast Buys NBC

Digital TV Converter Installation

Prologue It is Halloween and I have set up my candy delivery station in the driveway. The station includes pumpkins, our dog dressed up in his Halloween costume, several well placed boxes to be used as tables, blankets, several layers of clothing, and, most importantly, my 30 year old TV so I can watch TV while delivering candy to the dwindling number of monsters, super … Continue reading Digital TV Converter Installation