Remote Working After COVID 19: Guidelines

Now that the pandemic has forced everyone to understand the value of telecommuting, videoconferencing, and remote work…..when the pandemic is over….there should no longer be any hesitation about continuing remote working!

Benefits for a Company

  1. You can hire anyone, in any part of the country, or the world.
  2. You can downsize office space, or eliminate it completely.
  3. Happy, rested, employees.

Benefits for the Employee.

  1. You can work anywhere in the country you choose to live.
  2. You can work when your body is ready to work (unless you have meetings).
  3. No commute…just cross the threshold to get to work.

Of course there are downsides as well, but, screw them…you will need to work them out. 😉

Here are a couple of guidelines for Companies:

Normal telecommuting is 2 to 3 days a week, with the other 2 to 3 days a week in the office. I suggest that, now that remote work has proven itself effective (and you have been forced to understand it, and use it) that your company may want to also have permanent remote workers! If that is the case, designate a week or two every year to have that remote employee visit the office……assuming there is an office.

Use videoconferencing all day, if you have the infrastructure, or at least, everyday to stay in touch with everyone.

That’s it!

It’s super simple, super easy, and you already know (now) that remote work, telecommuting, and videoconferencing work!

A couple of guidelines for remote employees:

Stay away from the fridge! 😉

If you are distracted at home, or are an extrovert in need to human interaction, or a parent in need of adult conversation………and NEED to go to an office: Find a local COWORKING ( location and sign up! This way, you can go to an office when you need to, chat with people, go to lunch, use the WiFi, printer, drink free coffee, eat snacks, etc, and still be really close to home!

AltamontCowork, Tracy, CA, 2009-2015

In short: Coworking rocks!


Now that the world knows how great telecommuting, videoconferencing, and remote work can be! Do it!

Geek on!

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