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Beta Testing Digital Wellbeing

I un-installed Digital Wellbeing and, in addition to my blood pressure normalizing, I had a stroke of creativity (instead of worrying about every freakin minute I was on my phone) and wrote this blog. 

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“Grasshopper: Learn to Code in JavaScript” by Google’s Area 120

UPDATE 5/6/2018: After working on Grasshopper for 16 days in a row…..I GRADUATED!  Yippeee! Tired of your kids, or grand-kids, having all the fun learning how to code?  Well… is an app for us “old” folks.  😉 Adult learners, using the Grasshopper app on your Android or IoS phones can now learn how to code in JavaScript…..for FREE……and have FUN

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Desktop Videoconferencing: History and Future

I gave my last presentation on videoconferencing in 2009.  Here are the slides. I remember when I talked about “mobile videoconferencing” in the last 2 slides, that I might have been pushing my luck with prognostication.  Looking back, I am very glad I did, because, now, in 2018, mobile videoconferencing is seen in almost every movie, TV show, and in

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Google Pixel Augmented Reality: An Experiment with Blaze

‘Twas the week before Christmas…….and I was working with Blaze on his down-stays while also GEEK-ing out with the newly released Google Augmented Reality (see below the video for a definition) Stickers for my Pixel XL. As Blaze and I were training, I decided I needed help from the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” crew, and a hamburger, to keep

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