Category: Collaboration

  • Driving Google Drive

    I have been using Google Docs for a couple of years now.   I like it. Joleen Ruffin and I started a company (it failed) a couple of years ago.  From our desks at AltamontCowork, we shared documents, saved documents, and even worked on documents in real time using Google Docs. Very cool. The only […]

  • Vidyo Videoconferencing Virtualization

    A Short History Lesson by Mike Back in the old days (1980’s) video conferencing was developed to help people at two locations meet face-to-face without the need to travel.  Wow! One day, someone said “Geee, I need THREE locations to meet face-to-face”.  And the idea of a multipoint controller (MCU) was born.  Now all three […]

  • VSee: An Introduction

    I will be meeting Milton Chen (CEO, VSee) sometime this month.  VSee has, until now, escaped my attention.  No longer!   Here is a Youtube video by VSee giving you quick intro. What do I like (at least on the surface)?  Multipoint video, multi-user application “sharing”,  the ability to send a document simply by dragging […]

  • Cisco Collaboration Rap

    OMG…take a look at this.  Cisco Collaboration Rap (hmmm, this can be shortened to: CCRAP…ouch). I am lost for words…and that is not like me!  😐 Thanks to LinkedIn connection Gary Hall for posting this on LinkedIn.  🙂 – – Comments welcome!