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STEM: Interested in Biomedical Engineering? Watch this TEDxYouth Talk.

STEM student Sofia Mehmood gives a terrific TED Talk on Biomedical Engineering. In this talk Sofia introduces the audience to biology, cell organelles, stem cells, synthetic biology, cancer stem cells, DNA, and more. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) students will be looking solving and researching the biomedical engineering questions that Sofia introduces here. Enjoy! 🙂 Geek On!

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STEM: What the heck is a Fourier Series? Watch this video to find out.

Sometimes in your everyday life you may need to know how to solve, or at least understand, the Fourier Series. WHAT? Well, if you are an engineer or scientist anyway. In FACT, I did my Master’s Thesis on the “Coherent Optical Determination of the Leaf Angle Distribution of Corn” (Google it!) and guess what I had to understand and use……you

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“Photo Wake-Up A 3D Character Animation from a Single Photo” Research Paper and Video

Researchers at the University of Washington and Facebook present a way to animate a single photo using artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Find out more about their research here: VERY cool stuff! Gotta love STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Geek On!

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“The Hidden World Beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet” A TED Talk by John Priscu PhD

Fiction: “Subterranean” by James Rollins describes a very scary world of monsters beneath Antarctica. It is definitely a work of fiction. Fact: In the real world, Dr. Priscu and his team of researchers from Montana State University actually DID discover life under the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Here is a news clip: “An expedition led by a Montana State University polar

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Ford Teams Autonomous Vehicles and Robots to Aide Home Delivery

Digit is an autonomous robot that sits in an autonomous vehicle. Once the destination is reached, your house for example, Digit finishes the delivery by getting out of the car and dropping the package off at your door. Very cool stuff! Go here for more information on Digit. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) students can study Artificial Intelligence, Robotics,

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