Paradigm Shift: Bye Bye Windows Hello Chrome OS

UPDATE: Two weeks after I started using the Pixelbook….this is the very best “computer” I have ever owned! Period.

UPDATE June 27, 2021: I have the Logitech bluetooth mouse working on the Pixelbook Go. Works great. And……I plugged my hard drive into the Pixelbook Go and I could see, and manipulate, all my old files! Very cool! 🙂

I have been watching the development of Chrome OS since 2009! Along the way, I moved from Windows-based word processing, drawings, presentations, spreadsheets etc to the cloud using Google Docs and Google Drive.

Now that it’s been years……and all my work is now online (Google Drive)…’s time to take the last step and see if I can dump Windows altogether.

Reasoning: Well, this might seem petty, but, the last few months (several times!), I have waited HOURS and hours for my Windows machine to finish updating. I had to wait because the computer is slower than the postal service until it is done updating. No joy there, at all. 😉

Because of those delays….I re-evaluated my need for an all-powerful “computer”, and I realized, that in 2021, I used TWO programs that require Windows: Photoshop and Turbo Tax. Well, gee…..I totally under-utilize Photoshop and can do my taxes online. I am no longer a power user…..WTF? 😉

Sooooooo, the theory is, for this blog…….Can I do ALL my work using an inexpensive, fun to use, no wait time, cloud based Chromebook, that has other advantages such as long battery life, more than ample display brightness to work outside (where I am now), and has cool ass speakers with tons of horsepower to watch, and hear, “The Bad Batch” on Disney+ outside with lawn mowers and leaf blowers all blasting.

UPDATE 6/16/21: Here is some good info from CNET that I just found:

Cool video!

So, anyway, I bought a Google Pixelbook Go (which I am using to write this blog) to find out if……I can finally replace my Windows machine.

Let’s see……

Tasks I Do Most Often as a Blogger and Nonprofit Director

Add pictures to a blog post (done)

Tracy, CA

Grab Screenshots of a size that I choose (Ctrl Shift F5 which is the rectangle with two vertical lines on top row) (done)


Oh, here is an annotated screenshot of the F5 key.

Add a Youtube video to a blog post. (done)

Open two windows at the same time (Ctrl n then drag each window left or right to edge of screen) (done)

Two windows open (Ctrl n to open the second window)

Draw a picture like this (done)

Other Things I Need

I need a mouse! I tried to work with the touch pad, and my brain would need a total re-wire……so I ain’t doing it.

I rummaged thru some of my spare electronic stuff and found a USB to USB-C converter (see the picture at left), plugged in my Logitech wireless mouse and SUCCESS!

I have a mouse.

Hmmmm, that’s it. Everything else is on the Pixelbook, and, Google even backs up all my files and photos for me as always… I’m golden. 🙂


Although I need to get used to the keyboard, I seem to be able to do EVERYTHING else I need to get done, in 2021, by using one or more Google Docs apps or WordPress or other online stuff / apps that I use most of the time on my Pixel 5 anyway.

I did this blog 100% on the 2 pound 5 3/4 ounce Pixelbook Go!

Geek on!

Oh…..can you tell that I am a Disney nerd? There was a time when this engineer wanted nothing more than to be an Imagineer, but, alas….life got in the way.

One more thing….yes, Google Duo (videoconferencing) works! You’re welcome. 🙂

More GEEK stuff…..


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