The Age of Decentralized Work is Upon Us

OK, people….here is the future. If you have teens (or college age early 20’s kids) you have seen this….if you have younger kids….you WILL see it.  So hang in there…. Decentralization of work will happen.  Telecommuting / Telework will be the norm.  And, yes, mobile video conferencing WILL rule the world. Here is why…. The kids of today are:  Computer and Internet savvy.  Facebook, Skype, Twitter, … Continue reading The Age of Decentralized Work is Upon Us

Video Conferencing Goes The Way of the Fax

The changes in the past two or three years have led to this blog post, even though, I have been saying this for many many years.  Ready? I am sorry to say this (ehhh, maybe not), but, video conferencing users can say goodbye: To fancy conference rooms where you have to travel to to video conference.  How stupid. To high priced codecs and MCU’s. To … Continue reading Video Conferencing Goes The Way of the Fax

Vidyo Videoconferencing Virtualization

A Short History Lesson by Mike Back in the old days (1980’s) video conferencing was developed to help people at two locations meet face-to-face without the need to travel.  Wow! One day, someone said “Geee, I need THREE locations to meet face-to-face”.  And the idea of a multipoint controller (MCU) was born.  Now all three locations could dial into a central MCU and meet.  Double … Continue reading Vidyo Videoconferencing Virtualization

Video Conferencing Security Concerns

There is an interesting discussion going on on LinkedIn right now concerning video conferencing  security concerns.  DUH…’bout time this was brought up and not ignored.  Let me first copy my comment (then you can understand why I am saying DUH), then I link to the original NY Times article, and then others who have responded. My LinkedIn comment “Starting video conferencing at Lawrence Livermore National … Continue reading Video Conferencing Security Concerns

VSee: An Introduction

I will be meeting Milton Chen (CEO, VSee) sometime this month.  VSee has, until now, escaped my attention.  No longer!   Here is a Youtube video by VSee giving you quick intro. What do I like (at least on the surface)?  Multipoint video, multi-user application “sharing”,  the ability to send a document simply by dragging the file to the persons video window (very Personal Telepresence … Continue reading VSee: An Introduction