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  • Blue Jeans Network Grows By 50% in One Quarter

    Blue Jeans Network Grows By 50% in One Quarter

    OK, listen up. I have said this before (like starting in 1999, for those who don’t know that ESnet Collaboration developed one of, if not the, first IP-based cloud video conferencing services in the world)…..BUT…. Cloud based video conferencing is going to kick the worlds ass in a BIG way….this press release is proof, and this is […]

  • IOCOM Releases Visimeet Statistics

    I love stats! When I was at ESnet ( I built Perl programs to sift thru the Gatekeeper stats to give me almost any bit of interesting usage information I could calculate. Until today, my stats were the only video conferencing industry stats I had ever seen. The press release I got today from IOCOM […]

  • Bryan Hellard Reviews: It’s not often that I am really, really impressed with a product. This is one of those times. Ease of Use required a small download from their website to get started. The only slightly unfortunate thing is that the product requires a login using credentials from either Facebook or Google, for reasons […]

  • Bryan Hellard Reviews: EasyMeeting

    EasyMeeting  EasyMeeting appears to be built around Radvision’s Scopia mobile product. You are required to actually use the Scopia Mobile iPad app to use it. It’s unknown if Radvision’s acquisition by Avaya will have any effect on the product as I am unsure of any relationship between EasyMeeting and Radvision. Ease of use Yeah, it’s […]