LifeSize versus Cisco

Surfing the Internet and I found this interesting article on Bloomberg.

A snippet:

LifeSize Communications Inc., a unit of computer-mouse maker Logitech International SA (LOGN), expects revenue to jump as it competes with rivals including Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO) to add clients in the videoconference market, set to more than double in the next five years.

LifeSize’s sales are forecast to rise two to three times faster than the market, which is expected to grow 15 percent this year, Chief Executive Officer Craig Malloy said in a phone interview. Revenue at the Austin, Texas-based company rose 34 percent to $36.5 million in the fiscal first quarter, making LifeSize Logitech’s fastest-growing business.

“We’re seeing very, very rapid growth in videoconferencing,” the CEO said. “We’re going to piggyback on key trends and accelerate our growth.” LifeSize is targeting $1 billion in revenue in coming years, Malloy said, without giving a precise timeframe.”

Now…I was around when the Wainhouse folks predicted multiple times (in the 90’s) that the video conferencing industry was going to be a $1 billion industry, so, truthfully, I do not listen to estimates anymore.

What I look at is what the companies are offering now and what they plan to offer in the future and see if that fits “Mike’s” idea of what I think is good or not.  I can be wrong, but, more times than not, I have been right.  Still poor…..but right, that has to count for something, somewhere.  🙂

Based on the research I just completed on LifeSize, and the research I am now in the middle of on Cisco (and, sorry, as much as I LOVE Tandberg)….LifeSize is probably gonna kick Cisco’s butt.

One (but not the only) reason why….see the top picture.

More to follow when I post my blog entry on Cisco / Tandberg in a week or so…

Just sayin….


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