Watching Movies: Streaming vs Theaters

I have said many times on, that going to the theater to watch movies is at the beginning of the end.

Even though a few “blockbusters” have done well recently (the newest one being Super Mario Brothers) if you study the box office, you will see that the latest blockbuster is doing well at #1, but, movies at #2 thru #10 are very low.

Now, of course, in this, the beginning stages of theater demise, this changes from week to week, but, on average this is the case and……my prediction is:

At some point going to the theater will go the way of the 8 track tape, Blockbuster, and….

Streaming will rule the world of movie watching.

Why is Streaming so Attractive?

  1. Huge 4k UHD TV’s are readily available. Picture quality ROCKS!
  2. Sound systems to match the picture quality are also readily available.
  3. Apps on the TV make connecting easy.
  4. High speed Internet is just about everywhere, and increasing in reach.
  5. It’s cheaper to watch first run blockbuster movies at $29.99 for a family than going to a theater (assuming that option comes back, which I think / hope it will).
  6. It’s also cheaper for the movie makers to advertise and collect more of the money spent on making movies via streaming.
  7. You can pause a streamed movie and not miss a thing.
  8. Following up on the above, the bathrooms at home are CLEAN. Unlike our nearest theater which are stuffed with shit nearly all the time.
  9. The popcorn at home is fantastic! As is the food.
  10. You save a ton of money on everything from food, to gas, to tickets, to….
  11. You are “safer” at home from all sorts of threats including COVID, the Flu, and…..

Mark my words!

It won’t be long, 10 to 20 years, before you wondered why the hell theaters even existed. Where is that darn Dodo bird, anyway?

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