Garmin Nuvi 350 Review

Rating: 4 WaterTowers

To help my wife navigate with out reading a map (like she can do that) and without me….we purchased a Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS (Global Positioning System….hmmmm, in the old days is was Satellite…oh well) “Personal Travel Assistant”.

This can be setup in your car or it can be taken with you on a walking or biking trip. Very cool.

The Nuvi is very easy to use…just turn it on lift up the antenna and the satellites are found and your location identified. Once the device knows where you are, you are golden.

There are many features, of which we use but one. Directions. I have taken a look at a few more options including the screen that gives us the statistics on the trip we are taking. Very interesting knowing the average speed, the time you were at a dead stop, your speed….all from the satellite system. Scary and cool.

We have used the Garmin several times now and have always gotten to our location. No more Streets and Trips for us…all we need to do is enter the name of the place we want to go to, or the address of the location, jump in the car and follow the voice prompts.

As an example of how we use this amazing device, I made a YouTube video of a trip from our house to “Wal Mart”.

In short, the Garmin Nuvi has changed the way we drive and the way we navigate around town and the U.S. We are very happy with it and plan to use it often. In fact, the next time we go into the big city (our annual day after Thanksgiving homage to the great shopping establishments)…San Francisco….we will carry it with us to see how it works on our walk.

UPDATE Dec 3 2008:  I could not get satellite connection in the City.  When we got to the Pier 39 area (where it is more open) we finally got it.


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