8×8 Video Conferencing in the Cloud

Surfing the Internet for some information on Polycom (my next blog entry on Products and Services) I ran across the mention of 8×8 cloud based video conferencing.

Knowing 8×8 from WAY back (see the picture above for one of my 4 units of….well the old timers should know what it is)…. I was surprised, and pleased, to see that they are still around and still innovating.

It seems like the 8×8 cloud based service is a nice collaboration between 8×8 and Polycom. And judging by the V-E-R-Y  L-O-N-G video posted below (with my old friend Ira Weinstein looking very stiff in the bottom left…yes, he does talk later in the video) the video and audio quality are both very good.  Data sharing is in the feature list.

As a good video conferencing cloud based service should…it “easily” supports endpoints from your mobile phone, to a computer with a web cam, to some nice Polycom endpoints that I will talk about in the upcoming blog entry.

Excellent!  Have I mentioned that I love cloud based video conferencing?  I now know why…Clint and I WERE a cloud based service (at ESnet).

Until then, enjoy this video.  And NO…I did not watch the whole thing (I skipped forward to see if Ira actually said something, hey, he knows his shit).  If you listen to the whole video…you are way better than I.    🙂

Video conferencing:  Anytime, anyplace, anyone.

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