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I’m going to post this as a living blog looking at the issues, and telling you about cool stuff I figured out, with WordPress 5.9 Full Site Editing.

UPDATE 3/7/22: All three web sites now have sidebars when you view a post. The newer posts go to “Single Post (No Separators)” while the older posts default to “Single Post” (which has a separator between the content and the featured image….you CAN take that out, which I did on….or was it……I forget). To get the sidebar, I added “Columns” then selected two columns at a 70:30 ratio. The 30 ratio is the sidebar while the 70 ratio is the “post content”. You can change the ratio! Which is cool. You can see what I added to the sidebar over there ——->. By the way….I also added STEM/STEAM latest posts to the front page of Turns out, if you have an idea, there is a way to implement that idea (well almost….I still NEED “Most Popular (Top Posts)” to add into my sidebars….hint, hint WordPress). 😉

UPDATE 2/15/2022: All three web sites are FSE now., this one, and ForCarol is the most “polished” as it was the last, and I have been gaining experience since Jan 28, 2022.

Initial Thoughts

Installing FSE is not easy. It takes a lot of effort getting the foundation, then there are a few bugs. Soooo, it is not for the faint of heart.

My suggestion: Wait (unless you like pain, like I seem to)

New Post BUG

Trying to make my first NEW post (this one!)…..I saw that the “Default Template” on this site was 404! WTF?

Default new post is 404

Templates to choose from (not the complete list? why?)

I can change it on a post by post basis, but, only to “Single Post (No Separators)” which is ok I suppose. On second thought….why not show the whole list of options?

This post will be the first test of that manual setting change. We will see if it works.

UPDATE: It worked! 🙂


Posts on the Homepage….

When I did a few tests this morning (Feb 11, 2022) I noticed that the block labeled “Blog Posts” that is blue in color did not recognize the newest post!

Blog Posts block….not working correctly!

Instead it put up the PREVIOUS post! Yikes!

You can see this on this site by scrolling down below the footer where I have some test post blocks working. The latest post, as of today will be this post.

The blue color posts block… behind the times, by one post. Arrrrgh….

UPDATE: I FIXED this, or rather worked around it, by inserting the block “query” selecting the grid view then “Grid of Posts”. I then changed the featured image to 150 x 100 and “cover”. See the result of that on NOTE: I have no idea what I am using on this site, but, it works, and it looks cool in an offset kinda way. 🙂 I’ll figure it out eventually.

Another bug?

I tried to EXPORT my site (the TEST site) and the zip thingy says it does not work (zip export not supported). My objective was to import the TEST site work that I had nicely working (and a lot of time put into it) to a new site.

Export is not supported

Aside….by the time I got to….I was down to setting a site up, with my “ugly but functional” (UBF) style….in 1.5 hours.

Where is / are…?

Top (Most Viewed) Posts & Pages?

Drop cap?

I like both features….are they gone forever?

Could be Easier…..

Setting up customized links in the menu….as it is now, it is hinkey.

Copy and paste a template from one web site (a TEST site for example) to another site (a PRODUCTION site for example.


I will keep posting weird stuff I find in WordPress 5.9 FSE on this blog.

Geek On!

More GEEK stuff…..


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