SF Bay Area Commuters: Time to Telecommute / Telework

This is 2012….

There are any number of jobs that can use any number of remote access technologies (from ubiquitous high-speed Internet access to document application sharing to video conferencing to IP voice to plain old email…and everything in between) that allow employees to TELECOMMUTE / TELEWORK effectively, efficiently, and productively…….from virtually anywhere.

Why is it not happening?

Well….for one there are still those Old Fashioned Bosses (OFB’s) out there that insist you are not working unless you are cultivating your farm under the OFB’s nose.  Secondly, I will bet that if you approached your OFB to TELECOMMUTE / TELEWORK they would think you would never get out of your PJs and play / goof-around more than work.   They also think (stupidly) that TELECOMMUTE / TELEWORK is a PERK.

Arrrghhh…..the OFB’s need to retire already!

TELECOMMUTE / TELEWORKING is easy to start.  Lots of experts want to charge you thousands and thousands of dollars to institute TELECOMMUTE / TELEWORK at your place of business. Here is a link to my blog entry telling companies how they can start a TELECOMMUTING / TELEWORKING program.  It is EASY, it is FREE…all it takes it a bit of forward thinking and the desire to improve one’s business (save money, increase moral, increase productivity, improve quality….and the list goes on and on).

For all those 205 / 580 / 680 / ACE train commuters streaming into the Bay Area everyday from the Central Valley there is an option available right here in Tracy, CA.  Ask your OFB if you can spend one or two days a week TELECOMMUTING / TELEWORKING from an OFFICE in Tracy, CA.  Not from home….not from Starbucks…..not from Barnes & Noble….an OFFICE.


For $160 per month (per person) your employer has a place for all their long distance commuters to the SF Bay Area to work CLOSE TO HOME!   WiFi and wired Internet access included, so are power strips, desks, and coffee.  The employee (YOU!!) can work…longer….harder….and be happier and healthier when that 3 to 4 hour commute is no longer an option.  If you start work at 8 AM….you can roll out of bed at 7:30 AM instead of 4 AM and still get to AltamontCowork by 8 AM.  Once there….you will be greeted with an available desk, a hot pot of coffee (your own personalized mug), donuts, fruit, and friendly coworkers.

Need to video conference?  You happen to have one of the most

knowledgeable video conferencing experts in house (ME!)  and screaming FAST Comcast business class Internet access to support HD video conferencing if you so desire.

Need to meet with clients?  Use one of our two conference rooms.  One has a public computer and a couch the other a TV / DVD / VHS.  Each has whiteboards for brainstorming ideas!

In short….AltamontCowork was founded by an engineer who wrote the first TELECOMMUTE / TELEWORK plan at Lawrence Livermore National Lab and then had a successful career designing and implementing state-of-the-art IP based video conferencing technology for Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s ESnet.

With over 1000 coworking locations worldwide, we can connect you to a coworking location worldwide (for three days for free) while you are on travel.

Remote work is our mantra….our expertise….our passion.

TELECOMMUTERS:  Talk to your OFB (or YB….young boss?) and tell them about the benefits of TELECOMMUTING / TELEWORKING.  Tell them about COWORKING in Tracy, CA were you can save gas, help save the environment, save money and increase productivity.

Coworking = Telecommuting = Telework


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