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  • COWORKING in a Small Town: Lessons Learned

    COWORKING in a Small Town: Lessons Learned

    On May 1, 2009 I opened the first COWORKING location in San Joaquin County and Tracy, CA. A revolutionary concept in office space I was sure everyone would instantly embrace. In 2009, our country was in the middle of the worst recession in history and many people were unemployed.  I was retired (from Lawrence Berkeley National […]

  • Working at Home vs Coworking: LIFE BALANCE

    In 1990, I was one of two people responsible for writing the “Telecommuting Plan” at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. Little did I know then how much “telecommuting” would change my life. In “telecommuting” I saw the perfect solution to many issues confronting society (and my own life).  Chief among them is what I always strove […]

  • Coworking and Google Voice

      Most very small businesses (micro-business) or start-ups cannot afford to buy a land line for telephone service.  Not only that, most people (is that an understatement?) already have cell phones.  The need for land lines is rapidly going away, at least for the micro-businesses consisting of just yourself. Keep up with the times!  😉 […]

  • Coworking for Telecommuters

    Telecommuting has been around for a very long time.  I know, I co-wrote the first (and as far I I know the only) telecommuting plan at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 1990 (or so, I forget). From that effort, I gained a lifelong love of the potential of remote work.  I am shocked that it […]