Telecommuting = Coworking = Telework

OK, this is ridiculous.

Is This Fun?

Folks….it is 2010. The Internet is at nearly everyone’s feet, computers have evolved into lean mean mobile machines, phones have done the same.

Social networks abound, email, IM, Twitter, Facebook, videoconferencing, voice, video, and data….all at your fingertips.

Airports, train stations, McDonalds, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, just about every where there is wireless access to the Internet.

Why are you still commuting to a central location to work?  DUH…

I know why:

Old Fashioned Bosses (OFB’s) who cannot understand that work gets done even if people are not under their thumb.  Guess what OFB…yeah you….under your thumb, a lot of socializing happens along with some work.

Try this:  Stick your head out your door, go ahead, take a look around.  See all those people hunched over their computers working like crazy? I’ll bet their Farms are doing really well….

Here is my advice to you:  Time to retire…let the new kids become the bosses, let them change the world.

Here is how the young kids will do it:

  • They set a deadline for a project.
  • They let their employee work on that project.
  • If the project gets done…great.
  • If not, they grab a new employee.

Where the work got done, how it got done, what time it got done….it does not matter.  It got done per the agreed to schedule.  That is all that matters, period, period, period…

In the process, all sorts of good things happen:  happier more engaged employees, lower costs, reduced traffic, reduced emissions, reduced reliance on oil, increased productivity….DUH.

Telecommuting = Coworking = Telework.

Happy retirement OFB….welcome new kid on the block!


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