Tracy Virtual Office

UPDATE: Read this article on “co-working” on CNN. Sounds like the Tracy Virtual Office.


Gas prices are soaring. Commute times are horrendous.

Why are you still driving to work everyday? Can’t work at home for some reason? Or just need a break? Can’t afford an “Executive” Suite?

The time has come for an alternative.

Tracy Virtual Office is coming soon.

This will be a nice, quiet, place where you can work. The old concept of a “Neighborhood TeleWork / Telecommute Center” is making a comeback, and unlike attempts in the past maybe technology, and economic factors, will make this concept the wave of the future.

The concept is simple: Rent a cubicle or desk space, have WiFi or hardwired Internet connectivity, a printer, IP videoconferencing, comfy chairs, a refrigerator, all the coffee you can drink, and a quiet area to meet clients.

Bring your own phone, bring your own computer.

No frills, affordable, readily available, close to home.

Come to the TVO one day a week, two, three, or all five. Schedule a cubicle for a month, or pop in anytime for desk space or, if you are lucky an available cubicle!

Interested? Fill out this form and we will let you know when Opening Day is expected and send you updates. Also….tell us what you think!!!


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