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  • VUDU Review 2

    Rating:  5 WaterTowers (still nearly perfect) After you are done here:  See my original review of VUDU. This weekend we recieved our new Vudu system.   As you may already know, we love Vudu and we used it for a long time before I actually had to remind Vudu that we had the demo unit. […]

  • Wal-Mart Buys VUDU

    You may already know that I think the world of VUDU. Here is the most recent blog entry written after we received our very own VUDU box (yeah..that was before they were embedded in TV’s and Blu-Ray players…and way before Wal-Mart). I suppose you could say, I know how to pick ’em! Sure hope I […]

  • VUDU Integrates Technology

      Rating:  5 WaterTowers (awesome integration of technologies in the home) What is VUDU? VUDU is a device that uses peer-to-peer video streaming to deliver high definition (or standard definition) movies to your TV via the Internet. As you may know from my previous posts on VUDU, I think it is one of the best technologies to come […]

  • VUDU Price Reduced

    If you have not read my VUDU Review blog, now may be a good time.   The basic VUDU unit (good enuf for me) is now selling for $149.00.   Watching movies downloaded from the Internet has never been so easy and so enjoyable.  I gave VUDU 5 WaterTowers a year ago and only recently […]