Streaming Internet video on your TV

Lately, I have been watching the evolution of Internet streaming to the TV (as part of the evolving “Digital Living Room”). I have looked briefly at VUDU and also Apple TV. As of this writing, both allow direct Internet access to streamed video content (i.e. no computer is needed) and display that video (in either standard or high definition) on your TV.

Yesterday, I was talking with my daughter about watching an episode of “The Office” from Season 4, when an idea hit me like a lightning bolt. “Why can’t I stream the Internet-based video on my TV (Sony HDTV) using my wireless enabled laptop computer (Toshiba)”.

I can!

Here are all the pieces….

1. I have a wireless Linksys router.
2. My Toshiba laptop has wireless capability.
3. My Sony TV Port 2 is in the front of the TV, and it allows input from RCA video and audio and S-video.
4. My Toshiba laptop has an S-video output and a headphone jack for stereo audio.
5. I have purchased a headphone jack to RCA converter at Radio Shack in Tracy.

Here is what I did….it is sooooooo simple, I can’t believe I have not tried this before. I guess, sometimes the simplest solutions are the most easily overlooked…..

Simply plugging in the S-Video and the headphone outputs (red and white) from my laptop into the TV, accessing “The Office” on, then changing the video input on my TV remote to Port 2…..we could watch “The Office” on the TV. Cool. Great quality video and audio…for no additional cost.

I am still looking into VUDU and/or Apple TV, but, for now, I can watch video on my TV, with pretty darn good quality with the stuff I already have in the house!



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