Sony will Stream Movies Direct to Your TV

Reading my past blogs on this subject, you know I believe that streaming movies via the Internet will take it’s toll on such old favorites as DVD’s, Blu-Ray, and Blockbuster / Netflix.

Now buried deep in the middle of this article is an announcement by Sony that it will start an Internet streaming service for movies direct to their Bravia TV’s (which to me says that the TV will have this capability built in….I may be wrong). The first movie for this service will be “Hancock” (see trailer below).

Wow! This is a blockbuster.

The innovators in this area VUDU, Apple TV, and, more recently, Netflix all with separate players that connect to a TV might be shaking right now…

And to add to this, Sony is promising most of their devices will connect wireless to the Internet…the prospect of wireless Internet connectivity to your TV is mind boggling.

Pretty soon, every home will have videoconferencing in their TV. Then keeping in touch with family will be a breeze….

More to follow in this I am sure….


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