Category: Product Reviews

  • Texting is Not My Thing: Using the SwiftKey Keyboard

    (accurate, good looking, solid feel) – OK, I love my Android Motorola Smartphone, but, when it comes to texting….I suck. I text with one finger (the way I used to type way back when typewriters were the thing), and constantly have to go back and correct my mistakes. Fat fingers.  🙂 I spotted this article […]

  • Chrome Web Store Apps

    Just started playing around with the Google apps that are available (many for free, and many not requiring a log in). VERY COOL! If you use Chrome as your browser click the + sign as shown in the picture below. You can see the following page pop-up.  Well…..these are MY apps, yours will look slightly […]

  • Logitech Harmony 650 Remote

    Lori could not learn the process I had for watching a movie on the blu-ray or on VUDU. Geeez what is her problem?  Using a combination of three remotes, 27 button pushes, and moving one wire (just kidding)….it was easy! She wanted me to write the process down….well, I do not have time to write […]

  • Heytell Push To Talk App on iPhone and Android

    Been hearing a lot of buzz about Heytell, so I decided to give it a whirl. Interestingly, I forwarded the information to Kristen and she, surprise surprise, wanted to give it a try with me! She downloaded the app on her iPhone, while I downloaded it on my HTC Aria android phone.  We both stayed […]