Logitech 9000 and ClearOne Chat 50


Logitech 9000 Rating:  3.5 WaterTowers (Installation questions)

ClearOne Chat 50 Rating:  5 WaterTowers


I was lucky enough to receive (a big “starving blogger” thank you to my generous benefactor) two pieces of equipment that “should” improve my videoconferencing experience or,  rather,  the experience of those who are videoconferencing with me. 

Yikes…all my remote friends really need is to see me in all my California sun-damaged best.   Have fun…sure glad I’m not you!  😉

The Logitech 9000 web cam claims to have “Image-perfect detail and clarity”.   It is a two Megapixel web cam using Carl Zeiss Optics with autofocus.  It comes with the disc and instruction manual.  The USB cable is part of the camera.  

The ClearOne Chat 50 is a USB “personal speakerphone”.  Interestingly, it can connect not only to your computer, but, also (with extra cost connections) to telephones, cell phones, and iPods and MP 3 players.  I will only test it on my Toshiba laptop.  It comes with the USB cable, a disc, and instruction manual.  

Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000

My Toshiba’s CD drive is not working, so I had to download the software (version 11.9) from the Internet. 

No problem.  Logitech had it available and after a few minutes, it was on my computer ready to go.

Ooops, I had an error of some sort (Figure 1).

First of several error messages

I chose to ignore this message and the three or four that followed.  

Not good.  

Interestingly, this screen (Figure 2) came up at the first error message, but, I wanted to clear out the errors before proceeding.

Logitech 9000 Installation Screen

I have to disable anti-virus and spyware software? 

Sorry…how do I know this is not spyware or a virus, and besides,  I am on the Internet.   No way will I disable protection.

By the way, I installed the software without disabling my anti-virus.  Soooo, the moral of the story is:  Don’t do everything you are asked to do by software.  Stay safe…

Once the installation finished, I connected the camera.  

It worked!  And yes, I was surprised.   The installation error messages did not inspire confidence.

TelBitConsulting says:  I suspect Logitech software folks need to take a bit more care on their installation routines.

OK,  I see myself.  Figure 3 shows me without RightLight turned on, while Figure 4 shows me with RightLight turned on.  Significant difference.  

The tradeoff is that my frame rate goes down with RightLight on.  I think lower frame rate and better video will be better.  We will see.  

Without RightLight
With RightLight

Nice.  I have low light and it seems to be catching whatever light I have effectively. 

Logitech 9000 Options

Figure 5 shows the option bar. 

Logitech Control / Option Bar

There are a lot of options to play with.  I suppose, over time, I will get to many of them, but, for this blog entry, here is a brief overview.

1.    You can snap a picture or make a movie.

2.    You can replace yourself with an Avatar

3.    You can select a photo for your “video shade” privacy.

4.    In settings you can: adjust video, select audio source and adjust, adjust your “RightLight”, advanced settings, and application preferences (how cool that my email choice is there: Thunderbird.)

5.    Video calling applications include (are these free?  I tend to doubt it): Skype, YouTube broadcast yourself now, Logitech Mobile video, I can launch HP PhotoShop Essentials (I have that, is that why it showed up?), or Windows Movie Maker (everyone has that), I can add video to my eBay stuff using “VideoSnap”, or I can send friends instructions on how to get the 9000. 

I will be using the Logitech 9000 a lot in the very near future.  So stay tuned for updated information on that product.  

So far, so good.  

  • I like the quality
  • I like the options
  • I hate the installation process

ClearOne Chat 50

Again the same problem, my CD drive is not working on my laptop.  I will need to download the software.  If it is available…I think it is (Figure 6).  

ClearOne Download Options

I suppose the second choice would be the best even though it does not specifically say it is for Windows.  I’ll try it.  Version 2.0.23.

Unlike the Logitech installation, the ClearOne install went perfectly and was ready to go very quickly.   Inspired software development!  🙂

I plugged in the ClearOne to one of the USB ports on the back of my Toshiba laptop, and now I hear speaker sound coming from the ClearOne. 

Interestingly, it sounds more “robust” than the Toshiba laptop sound.  I’ll have to play George Strait to see…

WOW!  George sounds great.   Lori even thinks so….

ClearOne….great stuff!  🙂

Figure 7 shows a pic of the ClearOne I snapped using the Logitech.  

ClearOne Chat 50


Logitech needs to make their installation a lot less scary.  Those pop-ups were seemingly not necessary.  Once the scary part was over the 9000 appears to be working ok, but, I am left with a “wait and see” attitude thanks to the installation process.

ClearOne rocks. 

The Internet rocks.  Without being able to download the software, I’d be out of luck until I purchase a new drive for my Toshiba laptop.


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