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CableCARD Agreement for Cable TV

—News Flash– Yesterday, Sony and many cable companies including: Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable Inc., Cox Communications Inc., Charter Communications Inc., Cablevision Systems Corp. and Bright House Networks agreed to develop a cable card with the same capability and functionality as a set-top box. See this AP news article. –End News Flash– I have a cable card in my Sony

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Netflix Introduces Streaming Video Player

In all my years in a fledgling industry (videoconferencing) I have seen (and experienced first hand) my fair share of innovative companies that have, for one reason or another, flamed out. The general trend is as follows: Great idea–>Lots of seed money–>Marketing Hype–>Success–>Failure to keep up with changing technology–>Market share loss–>Out of business. I can name some of the companies…but

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VUDU Rocks !!

Here is an interesting article that discusses Apple TV, XBox, UnBox, and TIVO. Mere mention of VUDU (at the very end and ever so briefly). They need to take a look at this Blog posting where I reviewed VUDU. VUDU still rocks in our house! Saturday night at the movies has returned. We have 20 or so movies in our

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Billy Crystal is a Yankee!

OK, this is not “technical” except for the the YouTube video, which is pretty grainy. I give it 1.5 WaterTowers for quality. But in case you did not know; YeOldeTechy grew up on Long Island and lived and breathed the Yankees as a kid. My Yankees: Mantle, Maris, Skowron, Kubek, Boyer, White, Richardson, Lopez, Ford….I was obsessed….later it was Munson,

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