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  • AT&T To Cap DSL Usage

    ` I was surfing this morning and came across this bit of disturbing news from the good folks at Mashable (and also at Broadband DSL Reports). AT&T will cap DSL users to 150GB (I assume Bytes…not bits) and Uverse users to 250GB per month.  If you go over that cap more than 3 times you […]

  • Livestream Video Streaming on Facebook

    OK, this is cool. A few seconds after I downloaded the free app “Livestream Podcaster” I was streaming live video from the AltamontCowork public computer to Facebook! I have tried Justin TV and Ustream as our “Virtual Window” but both dropped the calls, after awhile, within a few minutes.  Hmmmm, I wonder if it was […]

  • Justin TV: A Quick Peek

    I found a gold mine of lost blog entries!  Here is another… +++ Rating:  4 WaterTowers (Internet streaming made easy) Justin TV allows you to stream live video and audio over the Internet.  It took me all of two minutes to sign up and start streaming. Very easy and very cool.   🙂 I can […]

  • VidyoCast


    Vidyo has introduced a new line of products aimed at the broadcasting industry. Since I am not an expert in that area, I will have to study the information contained in todays press release copied below. Enjoy Vidyo Introduces Cloud-Based Broadcast Suite at One-Tenth The Cost of Satellite “VidyoCast” Revolutionizes Broadcast Contribution and Transmission Amsterdam, […]