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  • The Pope Uses Google Hangouts

    The Pope Uses Google Hangouts

    Back in the day, I knew videoconferencing would reach the highest level of attention. Little did I know how high this technology would reach. Apparently, almost all the way to the top. VERY cool !!!   Gotta love video conferencing.   On Feb 5, 2015 Pope Francis held his second (see below for the video of […]

  • Polycom Video Conferencing Report and InfoGraphic

    Polycom Video Conferencing Report and InfoGraphic

    In the old days, we (ESnet, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) used to visit Polycom HQ (when they were in Pleasanton, CA) to either:  Get an update on the latest and greatest videoconferencing technology, or, prod them for one reason or another. History Lesson: We (ESnet, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) were pioneering cloud-based “ad-hoc” videoconferencing between 1999 […]

  • Vidyo Video Conferencing Deposition

    Vidyo Video Conferencing Deposition

    My two worlds collided this week.  (Video conferencing and Coworking). I rented the “Orange” Conference room for a deposition to an attorney located in Pennsylvania (we are in Tracy, CA).   AltamontCowork won the “bid” by having SCREAMING fast Internet access and having a cheap room to rent for the day.  I suspect the latter […]

  • ReadyTalk Announces Video Conferencing

    Video conferencing has been added to ReadyTalk (for some reason I thought they already had it….oh well.) I like press releases.  No work for me….a new blog entry for you.  Call me lazy!  😉 – We are pleased to announce the availability of ReadyTalk video conferencing, enabling you to get the most out of your […]