Bryan Hellard Reviews: EasyMeeting


 EasyMeeting appears to be built around Radvision’s Scopia mobile product. You are required to actually use the Scopia Mobile iPad app to use it. It’s unknown if Radvision’s acquisition by Avaya will have any effect on the product as I am unsure of any relationship between EasyMeeting and Radvision.

Ease of use

Yeah, it’s pretty easy. There is a desktop/laptop download required and Radvision’s Scopia mobile app if you want to use it on an iPad. Sharing from the desktop is simple and you can choose to share the desktop or an individual program. Quality looked great sharing to my iPad.

Quality of product

Overall, the quality was ok. The audio was very good, the video was decent if you weren’t moving much but the lip sync was not good. During my demo with someone from EasyMeeting, the quality started poor until the bandwidth max (user adjustable) was set to a lower level. My “hand waving” test technique in front of the camera resulted in a high degree of pixelization. It did calm down when the motion stopped, but overall the video was not very high quality.


EasyMeeting does not provide pricing on their website so I won’t show it here. I will tell you that the desktop product is sold in increments of three and the price is more than I would consider for the product.


EasyMeeting people have been loading up the LinkedIn VC groups lately with comments on their product encouraging people to try it (even on threads that have nothing to do with them – but that is another subject for another day). Overall, I liked their product. I would like it more, much more if it were cheaper. It has nowhere near the overall quality of FuzeBox and it is more expensive. That means, I cannot recommend it. 


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