Fathers Day – I’ll take a REAL book

Being YeOldeTechy…I like techy stuff. Not to the extreme, but a new gadget every now and then catches my eye and I have to check it out.

There is one gadget I will NEVER check out and will never want….the electronic book. I have been seeing Sony ads touting their latest electronic book that can hold 80 something books and, truthfully, it looks slick. Perfect for that person constantly on the run who can’t seem to let their email go for the weekend, or put down their Blackberry or cell phone.

Not for me.

What the electronic book does not have is the smell or the feel of a good (or bad) book. Walking into our local Barnes & Noble store, or the Tracy Library, you can smell the books. Reading a book, holding it in your hands, flipping the pages…there is nothing like that experience.

I hope that never goes away…and I will make it my life duty to further the love of a good book…a REAL book.


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