“The iPhone Experience” by YeOldeTechy

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Apple has once again shown that it has the genius (or guts) to revolutionize where others merely improve.

Once the crowds subsided, and much of the iPhone excitement died away, I drove to the AT&T Store on Grant Line Road in Tracy (near Wal-Mart) to see what all the excitement was about.

AT&T employee Ryan (very helpful and patient!) set up an iPhone and allowed me free rein with it (he now understands how dangerous that can be). I promptly tested the features that I could. I could not, for example, make a call or access the voice mail because Ryan did not know the passwords.So, going on the assumption that these are working features , I moved on to test some of the more elaborate features I had heard about such as WiFi access and the user interface for pictures and surfing the web.

Yeoldetechy Quick Analysis:

The iPhone is revolutionary.It is sleek, modern, and very easy to use. However, as with any new product, it is not perfect and it has to iron out some bugs. That aside, Apple has once again stepped away from the beaten path and developed a truly remarkable product (throw your old cell phone at a movie screen!).

Yeoldetechy says:Five years from now all portable communication devices will have changed, for the better, largely due to the innovation brought forth in the 2007 iPhone.


This comment on the iPhone by Cheri Matthews from the Tracy Press:

“I’d never had an iPod or even a camera phone, and I still had the original Blackberry, so I was ready for something new and cool! And boy is the iPhone cool!
Only one bug I’ve discovered. While I was in the Seattle airport, the phone froze. I knew I’d charged the battery, but it appeared that the battery was dead. I looked in all the airport stores and found at least 20 battery chargers for phones (apparently, not having cell-phone battery chargers on carry-ons is common in airports!), but there was nothing for the iPhone. Then I looked at all the people using their cells in the airport to see if I could find someone to ask — but I couldn’t find anyone with an iPhone! In Seattle! Thus, I had to use a pay phone. Imagine that in 2007…
When I got home, I googled “frozen iPhone” and found that if I held the front and top buttons down together for 6 seconds, it would turn back on. Who’d a known?”
End of Late Breaking News

Here is David Pogue of the New York Times with his evaluation of the iPhone.If you have not seen David on TV, he is GREAT!

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