Thoughts on Instant Messaging

Well it has been along time since I have entered anything here. Lets get back into it…

Instant Messaging

I like IM but, now that I am “retired” from my old job and have picked up a new one (where IM is a daily part of the work day), I have a few more concerns about IM than I had before.

IM is great for instant communication.

However, the instant someone thinks of an idea and immediately sends an IM to me, my concentration is gone. The IM’er most likely expects instant reaction to the IM and I likewise feel the pressure to instantly react. Not good..since this takes my mind off what I was doing and it will take a few minutes to re-gain the concentration mode I was in (NOTE: the older you get…the longer it takes….hmmmm, that applies to everything, but that is another entry).

I never know when to stop.

When IM’ing I always feel uncomfortable stopping the conversation. I have found, for me, I just like to stop. Someone may say “Gotta run”, or “Bye”. But sometimes that is so abrupt, I wonder if I was boring them…like reading my blog…


1. IM only when necessary
2. When the conversation is over…just stop writing. After a few minutes close the IM window.

Until next time…YeOldeTechy

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