Every year for the past 8 years, the folks at Ohio State University have put on what the Tech Detective (YeOldeTechy) considers the single most outstanding and unique, “virtual”, worldwide event ever, The Megaconference.

I know those are strong words, but, they are true.

Thousands of students, educators, and hundreds of schools, universities, and organizations gather for a very full day of interactive learning starting in the early morning (Pacific US time, I know, believe me) to very late at night.

The attendees come from virtually anywhere: Finland, France, United States, Australia, Taiwan, and Japan to name just a few. They can talk to each other, listen and watch presentations, and get to know each other in ways not possible just 8 short years ago.

The technology used is H.323 IP (meaning it uses the Internet) videoconferencing. And although many still fear this technology (or are unaware of it), Dr. Bob Dixon and his crew have taken up the challenge to use videoconferencing to unite the world.

YeOldeTechy says BRAVO to all involved in this great adventure. Check out a few of the screen shots from the Megaconference Highlight video stream.


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