Digital TV Conversion, Part 2


For all articles related to this subject click here.  See my Blog detailing the installation of a converter on two TV’s (one really old) here.  

As I have previously written, on February 17, 2009, those of us who have older TV’s and use a roof top antenna or rabbit ears to receive our television signal will lose our signal.

There are several steps we can take including:

  1. Purchase a new TV with an internal “digital tuner”
  2. Subscribe to cable TV or satellite service,
  3. Or, when they are available, purchase a “converter box” to connect between the antenna and our old TV.

Choosing the last option is, in the long run, probably the least expensive option especially since the Government is giving out a $40 coupon that can be applied to the cost of the converter box (expected to cost about $70 when available after Feb 2008…next month).

Start now.

I have signed up for my coupon online here. It took only a few seconds to fill out the form and get my reference number. My coupon will be sent to me at the end of February 2008 and will be valid for 90 days after receipt. I will then take this coupon to either Best Buy or Radio Shack to get my converter box. After I get the box I will install it on my oldest TV which has been with me since I was in the Navy in the early 70’s.

I will provide installation information here as soon as I get hands-on experience with the installation. So keep checking this blog.

Note: To get a coupon by telephone you can call, toll free: 1-888-388-2009.


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