Blu-Ray beats HD-DVD

In case you doubted that Blu-Ray has won the DVD war, yesterday and today two more blows were dealt to HD-DVD which could hasten it’s demise and bolster Blu-Ray.

1. Netflix announced exclusive support for Blu-Ray

2. Best Buy, starting in early March, will recommend Blu-Ray to their customers.

3. The most telling sign yet from Toshiba.

4. And more, this time from Wal-Mart.

And now…the FINAL announcement marking the end of the battle. Blu-ray is now the official winner, but, watch out……downloading high def programming from the Internet will threaten Blu-Ray sooner than you think.

I am still waiting for version 2.0 of Blu-Ray, but, please do not buy HD-DVD as you may be wasting your money!


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