Apple iPhone Targets Enterprise

According to this news announcement, Apple will be making the iPhone more enterprise friendly by providing access to email and other corporate functions.

Devices such as Research in Motion’s Blackberry and various Palm devices will be most impacted by this announcement.

Apple also plans to “open” development to third parties. How far this extends remains to be seen.

In a previous Blog entry, YeOldeTechy took a peek at the iPhone and deemed it an industry changer. I still believe that iPhone is the most innovative cell phone to be introduced.

YeOldeTechy says: This move by Apple will only solidify it’s leadership. With the Blackberry outage problems, and extreme ease-of-use of the iPhone, I’m sure many will find iPhone an attractive alternative.

Here is a very cool demo of a third party application written by

Here is an even cooler version of “Super Monkey Ball” by Sega on the iPhone.


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